Sunday, October 6, 2019

Brightly Gleaming 3D Ornament

Joanne’s Brightly Gleaming Ornament

Hello friends! I received an overwhelmingly positive response to the ornament I shared on Facebook last weekend - thank you all for the positive feedback!  Several people asked for instructions, so today I am here to share with you the steps that I took and the products I used to create this beauty! I hope you all really enjoy creating these beautiful, shimmery ornaments!

I have been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator for a little over a year. I signed up to support my own habit (ie - get a discount on the products that I love).  I have learned so many great new techniques and it seems only fitting that this beauty be the first I share with the world!

Let’s get started!

I started by punching 20 large bulbs using the blue pattern of the DSP and 20 smaller ones using the white geometric pattern.  To make this easier for me and to cut down on waste, I cut strips of the DSP to use to punch my ornaments.  For the large punch I used three strips of 2.5”x12” - I was able to punch 8 bulbs from each strip so I didn’t need to punch all of the 3rd strip. For the smaller punch I cut two 1-5/8” x 12” strips - I was able to punch 9 small bulbs from each strip and then punched 2 more out of a scrap. This is what you have at this point:

Next, fold 15 of each size in half long-ways with the shiny part of the paper facing in, like so: 

Use your multi-purpose liquid glue to adhere 2 folded pieces of the same size together along one edge of the fold, like so:

Now glue a third piece to the edge of one of the two that are already adhered: 
Take one of your un-folded pieces and lay it shiny side down. Apply glue and attached your three adhered folded pieces, like so: 

Repeat for all pieces so that you have five completed segments of each color, like this:  

Now we are going to use Versamark to stamp our sentiment for the back of the ornament onto a piece of Night of Navy Cardstock. I chose a lovely sentiment from So Many Stars, but you can choose any sentiment you wish - just be sure that it will fit inside a 2 inch circle.

Sprinkle on Copper Stampin’ Emboss Powder while the Versamark is still wet so the powder will stick. Gently tap on the back of your card stock to remove any excess embossing powder.  Heat with your Heat Tool until the powder melts into this beautiful raised sentiment. (Don’t over-heat or you will lose the shine and risk burning your paper) 

Using your 2” Circle Punch, punch 2 circle - one plain Cardstock and the other with your sentiment.

Take the plain circle and fold it in half in 2 different directions so you have an “x” and can easily identify the center.  Don’t fret, these unattractive fold lines will be hidden! Place a Mini Glue Dot in the center of the resulting “x”, this will help with placing your segments onto the ornament.

Now take your larger blue segments and place them around the circle with the top part of the bulb touching the Mini Glue Dot.  We do it this way before applying glue so that we can ensure the placement is where we want the segments. 

Before adding glue, use your Night of Navy Stampin’ Write marker to gently go along the glued edges to help hide any white that may be showing from tweeter the paper was cut.  Next, pick up one segment at a time and apply a small amount of glue to the top portion of the ornament - don’t go too far down the ornament or you’ll have glue that will be on your work surface instead of our Cardstock circle.

Once you have all 5 large segments glued down, it is time to adhere the smaller ones in  between them.  You will glue the smaller segments down so that the bottom of them is attached to the flat part of 2 larger ornaments and the two folded segments remain standing in a “v” form.

Adhere your circle with the heat embossed sentiment to the back of your ornament, no more ugly fold lines! 

Now we will poke a hole in the tip on one blue segment and thread a 10” segment of Copper Trim through. Tie a knot and your ornament is ready to hang - or you can follow a few more steps and attach the Copper Star from the Brightly Gleaming Foil Elements!

If you would like to add the Copper Star, that a scrap of Night of Navy Cardstock that is about .5 inches wide and roll it tightly to form a “pillar” put some glue on the end to secure.  Next, add a fairly sizable dollop of glue to the center and place your “pillar” into it so it stands straight up, as pictured. Allow this to dry completely before moving on. Because we used so much glue, I would give it about an hour before coming back to it. 

Once the glue around your “pillar” is completely dried, add a small amount of glue to the top of it and gently place the Copper Star on top of the glue.  If you get any glue that seeps up onto the Copper, you can hide it with one of the beautiful Star Designer Elements!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together! If you have any questions, please contact me at